Mandanga (pronounced mun-dar-ngar) is a 100% Indigenous owned business that makes quality skin care products from Australian native plants and natural plant based products.


Using ancient recipes and extraction techniques, we proudly maintain an 80,000 year old knowledge system, handed down by our ancestors - strong women and men from across Australia's Western Desert.

When you indulge yourself in our products you experience an ancient culture and the rich natural beauty of the Land.

Mandanga is unique - there is nothing like us in the world.


At Mandanga, we are changing the paradigm - our culture is our currency.


We value respect for Indigenous customs and are proud to share our knowledge with the world.


We engage our customers in the rich natural beauty of our culture and the Land.


Our impact strategy is to create economic wealth and share Indigenous spirituality, wellbeing and healing.


We value excellence and success in servicing our customers. 

We believe that achieving prosperity will create a rippling effect for our family and the community.

By modelling healthy prosperity, we are changing the perception of the Australian community about our people, our culture and our business.

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